Goal 2: Build my character & personality – Practice 1

In the previous issue we explored Swami Vivekananda’s first goal of education ‘Affirm my infinite possibilities’

We also saw how he himself was a role model of affirming one’s infinite possibilities in every sphere of life.

In this issue we explore, in greater detail, how to achieve Goal 2: 

Build my character & personality



  • This feature gives you a set of ‘think triggers’ with which you can develop your own ways of building & developing your character and personality.
  • There are four major practices, and each of them has three think triggers (a, b, c) followed by examples. Study these triggers and decide for yourself what actions you can take.

Practice 1: Develop courage & integrity


Share examples of experiences when you tried some of these out. Any questions that come up in your mind while doing so, can also be discussed here.

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